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    Marital Status

Households with Children

Age & Gender of Children

Households with Seniors

Address Type Indicator

Homeowner / Renter

Home Value

Year Home Built

Length of Residence

Economic Stability Indicator

Discretionary Income Index

Underbanked / Cash Transactor

Heavy Transactor

Credit Card Indicator

Credit Card Type

Credit Card Users

New Bank Card Issued

Range of New Credit

Buying Behavior

Mail Order Donor

Mail Responder

Mail Order Buyer

Online Purchase Indicator

Types Of Retail Purchases

Number of Orders: Last 24 Months - Upscale Catalogs

Number of Orders: Last 24 Months - Low Scale Catalogs

Number of Orders: Last 24 Months - Mid Scale Catalogs

Last Offline Order Date (Month Only)

Last Offline Order Date (Year Only)

Last Offline Order Date (YYYYMM)

Last Offline Order Date (YYYYMMDD)

Last Online Order Date (Month Only)

Last Online Order Date (Year Only)

Last Online Order Date (YYYYMM)

Last Online Order Date (YYYYMMDD)

Dollars Spent: Last 24 Months - Offline

Number of Orders: Last 24 Months - Offline

Dollars Spent: Last 24 Months - Online

Number of Orders: Last 24 Months - Online

Preferred Retail Store Type

PC Owner

PC DSL/High Speed User

Channel Preference Propensity - Internet

Channel Preference Propensity - Mail

Channel Preference Propensity - Phone

Household Health

Date of Birth (Requires DOB Use)

Month of Birth (Requires DOB Use)


Education Level


Business Owner

Number of Children

Child Exact Age


Net Worth - Premier


Ethnic Country


E-mail Users


Voter Party Preference

Housing Type Detail

Home Office Indicator

Presence of Pool

Home Purchase Date

Home Purchase Year

Primary Loan Date

Loan to Value Range

Market Decile


Available Home Equity

Metro Area Size

Estimated Residential Properties Owned

Recently Married

Recently Divorced

Expectant Parent

New Parent

Single Parent

Child Nearing High School Graduation

Recent College Graduate

Empty Nester

Recent Mortgage Borrower

Recent Home Buyer

Hobbies & Interests

Casino Gambling Propensity

Green Living

Community Involvement

Main Vehicle Type Owned

Truck/Motorcycle/RV Owner

Vehicle 1 - Make

Vehicle 1 - Year (1988 - Present)

Vehicle 2 - Make

Vehicle 2 - Year (1988 - Present)

Vehicle Make Scan Field

Vehicle Year Scan Field

Vehicle Propensity - Compact

Vehicle Propensity - Coupe

Vehicle Propensity - Exotic

Vehicle Propensity - Pickup Truck

Vehicle Propensity - Crossover

Vehicle Propensity - Luxury Crossover

Vehicle Propensity - SUV

Vehicle Propensity - Luxury SUV

Vehicle Propensity - Domestic Sedan

Vehicle Propensity - Foreign Sedan

Vehicle Propensity - Luxury Sedan

Vacationed/Would Enjoy Vacation in RV

Vacationed in USA

Vacationed Internationally

Personicx Financial LifeStage Codes

Personicx Hispanic

Personicx Insurance LifeStage Codes

Personicx Life Stage Clusters

Personicx Life Stage Group Code

Adult Age Ranges in HH

African American Professionals

Age HH (Age Head of Household)

Age HH (Age Head of Household) Premier Complete

Available Home Equity (RPA)

Brand Name Medicine Propensity

Census Median Home Value (hundreds)

Census Median Income (hundreds)

Claritas Income Producing Assets

Community Reinvestment Act Code

Consumer Prominence Indicator

Deliverability Score

Delivery Drop Point Indicator

DOB (Select Year only)

Ethnic Group Code - Etech

Ethnic Language Preference Codes

Expiration Date 1 (Loan Month)

Expiration Date 2 (Purchase Month)


Geo Match Level Code

Head HH Education

Head HH Education - Premier Complete

Head HH Occupation

Head of HH only


Hispanic Assimilation Index - Etech

Hispanic Country of Origin

Home Purchase Date (RPA)

Home Purchase Date (RPA) - Uncoded

Household Size

Household Status Indicator

Housing Type

Income-Narrow Ranges

InfoTrend Cellular User Model

InfoTrend International Long Distance User Model

InfoTrend Internet User Model

InfoTrend Long Distance User Model

InfoTrend Optional Calling Services User Model

Internet Connection Type

Investments - Active

Investor Model - Highly Likely Investors

Length of Residence with Uncoded

Life Insurance Policy Owner

Marital Status - Premier Complete

Market Value Model Indicator

Method of Payment Count - Cash

Method of Payment Count - Credit Card

Method of Payment Count - Retail Card

Net Worth

New/Used Ind - 1st Vehicle

New/Used Ind - 2nd Vehicle

Number of Address Lines Present

Number of Adults

Number of Children - 100%

Number of Contributing Sources

Number Of Credit Lines

Number of Generation in HH

Number of Vehicles

P$YCLE NE Segment Code

PC Operating System

Political Party - Head of Household

Prefix Title

Prem New Car Buyer

Prem Retail Activity - Date of Last Activity

Prem Young Adult

Presence of Children - 100%

Prizm NE

Prizm NE Household

Probable Teen Driver

Real Property Lender Type 1st

Real Property Loan Amount Range 1st

Real Property Property Type

Real Property Purchase Amount

Real Property Real Estate Investor

Real Property Year Built

Real Property Year Built - Uncoded

Software Buyer

Time Zone

Travel (Business) - Domestic - Have Taken

Travel (Business) - Domestic - Would Enjoy

Travel - Airline

Travel - Intl Vacation - Would Enjoy

Travel - US Vacation - Would Enjoy

Vehicle - Intend to Purchase

Wireless - Product Buyer

Working Woman Indicator

ZIP4 Record Type